Philip Kief


Mr. Philip Kief and wife of Roberts drove to Melvin Saturday morning to arrange for a car in which to ship their personal property to Iowa, where they expected to move next week.  They ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Adam Huppert who were farm neighbors years ago.  Mr. Kief started down to see Mr. J. A. Schafer; Mr. Kief is quite elderly and quite deaf, and walked as if thinking deeply as he was crossing the track, he was seen to look up quickly and jump just as he was struck and fell in such manner to be dragged across the street.  A large crowd of men, women and children collected instantly.  He was carried to Fred Beck's Implement House where the doctor pronounced him dead.  The train was immediately brought back to the station, the conductor requested that everything possible be done for the man's comfort.  Mr. Kief was taken to the undertakers rooms and prepared for burial.
Coroner Hutchinson, of Clarence, came and impanelled a jury.  --Dr. H. N. Bushell, Foreman; R. G. McWilliams, Ed'w. Thompson, N. T. Graves, and Geo. Worthington.  But four witnesses were called.  They were Jas. McKenon, Mr. Wheeler, Wm. Lackey, Wm. Andrews, and Mr. Y?.  Their testimony was quite uniform.  Moffett of Paxton was present representing the L. C.  The Ill. Central sent an agent here to gather evidence in the case.

We, the Coroner's jury find that the evidence given in the case of Philip Kief, that said Philip Kief came to his death by being struck by the I. C. R. R. passenger train designated the Daylight Special going south about 1:30 p.m. Feb. 22, 1902 at Main St, crossing south of the depot at Melvin, Ill.
We further find that the train was running at a higher rate of speed than that designated in the village ordinance governing the speed of railway trains, but that the proper danger signals were given by the train crew.

The funeral was held in Roberts, Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Zapf of Melvin Lutheran Church preaching the sermon; burial in Roberts Cemetery.  The family is large, seven daughters, two married; three sons, one married.

--Melvin Transcript.  28 February 1902.

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